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Our Jacksonville electrical contractors will keep you connected by delivering a one-stop-shop for all your electrical needs!

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Electrical Repair, Service & Installation
  • Lighting Installation
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Commercial & Residential
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

We can help with the service, safety and installation of many electrical services in Jacksonville Florida.

Our local electricians handle all sorts of electric repairs. We are also available 24/7 for any electrical emergencies.

Our electrical contractors Jacksonville Fl can provide electrical inspections and electrical testing.

If you are building a new residential home or commercial property, contact us for your new construction electrician needs.

If you are rehabbing or renovating your home or business or have old electrical wiring, we can help rewire

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Very impressed with the quality of work! Best electricians in town!

Jason L.

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Electrican Jacksonville Fl: Best Jacksonville Electricians

If you are in need of an electrician, Presto Electric is the top electric company in Jacksonville. We can handle any type of electrical needs for your home or business.

Many people search for "electrical contractors near me" or "electrician near me" when they need an electrician. That's where we come in. You can trust our licensed electricians to get the job done right and on time.

Every single homeowner and business owner relies on electricity and we feel it is our job to keep you safe and efficient. We provide many different electrical services to meet the demand of all of your electricity needs.

We also provide electrical inspections which are very important to determine if there are any problems with your electrical system and if everything is safe so that there is not a safety hazard present for anyone at your property.

That's why we feel is is important to find the best electrician in the Jacksonville area. We are local, trusted and reliable electrical contractors, so contact us today!



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jacksonville electrical contractors

Electrical Service & Installations

Our Jacksonville electrical contractors are experts at handling any of your electric needs. Whether you need a simple electric outlet installed or your are remodeling your home and require some rewiring or electrical repairs, Presto Electric can help.

What To Expect

When you schedule an appointment with on of our local electricians, you can expect us to be on time to your appointment and be very professional with you when we are there.

We will review all of the service options with you and make a recommendation on what we think it will take to get the job done correctly.

Depending on the service, our electricians will let you know how long the electrical service will take and the cost.

Below are all of the different types services and installation services that we can do for you:

  • All lighting needs including kitchen and bathroom lighting, recessed lighting installation, interior and exterior lighting, and more!
  • Electrical panel service and installation
  • Circuit breaker repair and installation
  • GFI & GFCI services
  • Electrical outlet service and installation
  • And so much more!
jacksonville electrical contractors
jacksonville electrical inspection

Jacksonville Electrical Inspections

If you need an electrical home inspection or an inspection for your business, we conduct a thorough electrical inspection to catch any potential problems.

Our inspections are done by our highly trained and licensed electricians. The last thing you want when you are a purchasing a new property is to be surprised by an electrical issue.

We focus on the wiring and the breaker box and try to discover any issues that may pose a safety concern and will let you know what it will take to remedy the problem.

jacksonville electrical rewiring

Electrical Rewiring For Remodels and Renovations

If you find that your business or home has old wiring that is not safe or not working properly, your property may need completely rewired.

Electrical rewiring is not something that you should do on your own. Rewiring a home requires a professional electrician.

There are many reasons to why you may need to rewire your home or business which include:

  • Old wiring in the home that is at risk of electrical fires.
  • The current system cannot handle the modern electrical needs we rely on today
  • Flickering lights that is evidence of loose connections
  • Singed or burning outlets
  • Aluminum wiring is active
  • Not enough switches or outlets for your needs
  • And many other reasons
jacksonville electrical rewiring
jacksonville new construction electrical

New Construction Electrical

At a new construction site, before the sheetrock goes up at your property, you need a plan to get the electrical wires and hookups installed inside the walls and framing.

Presto Electric is one of the best companies for electrical new construction. Our certified electricians can handle all of yor electrical needs.

Once the wiring is done and the sheetrock is installed, we will return to install any necessary caps, plates and switches to get the job completed.

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jacksonville electrical repairs

Electrical Repair Jacksonville Fl

If you are experiencing electrical problems at your home or business, we can straighten out the situation for you with our electrical repair services.

We have affordable electric repair services and our number one goal is to effectively and affordably repair your electrical system so that is is convenient, comfortable and safe!

If you need Jacksonville electrical repairs, we have the electrical repair services that will help. We can fix any issues you may have so make sure to contact Presto Electric today if you have electrical repair needs!

When you work with our local electricians in Jacksonville, you can count on us to:

  • Arriving on time, with convenient appointments times and 24/7 emergency service available.
  • Deliver quality and efficient electrical repairs.
  • Fair and up-front pricing, with zero surprise fees
jacksonville electrical repairs
jacksonville residential electrician

Jacksonville Residential Electricians

If you are looking for a residential electrician Jacksonville Fl for your home, Presto Electric can help. As a leading-edge residential electrician company serving Jacksonville and surrounding areas, we’re committed to keeping your home secure, safe, and running smoothly.

Regardless of what type of electrical service you need, whether it's your electrical panel, a broken ceiling fan, a light that is flickering, or a GFI outlet that won't trip, we can send a certified home electrician to your home to help.

If you;re looking for a "residential electrician near me", our expert electricians can help with many services at your home including:

  • Residential electrical installations
  • Residential electrical inspections
  • Residential surge protection
  • Residential electrical repair
  • 24/7 electrical emergency help
  • GFI & GFCI outlet services
  • And so much more!
jacksonville commercial electrician

Commercial Electrician Jacksonville Fl

It may be time to optimize the electrical work at your business with help from our experienced contractors. If your building is in need of electrical work due to any electrical problems such as electrical malfunctions, fuses, high power bills, or other safety hazards, we have experienced commercial electricians to fix the problem.

Contact us today if you are in need of quality commercial electrical services by Presto Electric!

jacksonville commercial electrician

Customer Reviews

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An electrician came to my home and fixed some circuit breakers that were going bad. Great quality service and very prompt.

Katy M

AMazing Work

Very impressed with the quality of work! Best electricians in town! Thank you!

Jason L


I had some lights flickering in my basement and couldn't figure out the problem. Presto came by and repair the wires at an affordable rate. Great work guys.

Drew S

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Residential Electrician Jacksonville Fl

If you are a homeowner and you are looking for an electrical company that specializes in residential service and repairs, look no further than Presto Electric. We can also help with an electrical emergencies that may come up.


Commercial Electrician Jacksonville Fl

If you own a business and are looking for electrical commercial service and repairs, we have the level of experience that you are looking for. We have high technical proficiency in the electrical industry so you can count on us to get the job done right.

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Our Service Area

If you live in Jacksonville FL or St Augustine FL or any other areas in St John's County, Duval County, Nassau County, Clay County, and more! We have a large service area and we help many homeowners and businesses who need an electrician for any residential or commercial needs.

The Jacksonville, Florida region is a rapidly growing area positioned along the Atlantic ocean in Northeast Florida. "Jax" (as the locals call it) is an affordable location to live and is home to the largest park system in the United States with many state national parks. If you like to be surrounded by nature with benefits of the city and enjoy recreational activities, Jacksonville is a great place to live and a great place to visit.

Check out our service area and the many different areas that we cover if you need a local licensed local electrician or some of the best electrical contractors for your property.


Do you offer free estimates?

Yes! Our electricians offer free estimates whether you're looking for new electrical work or wiring repair or anything else in regards to your electrical system.

When do I need an electrician?

There are a few signs to look for when needing to call us. If you find that your lights flicker or go on and off

How do I find the best electrician?

We believe we are the best electrical contractors in Jacksonville Fl and surrounding areas. Contact us today so that we can prove to you that we can handle your needs at competitive and affordable rates.

Is Presto Electric licensed and insured?

Yes. Our electricians are fully insured and licensed and we make sure to stay on top of any changes in the industry. It's important for us to stay up to date and upgrade our skills and knowledge through specialized training.

How do I know when an electrical outlet needs to be replaced or repaired?

Outlets that are damaged or have wires that are loose can be a fire hazard. If you hear a buzzing sound from the outlet when an appliance is plugged in, or the outlet produces sparks or are loose when you plug something in or it looks like there are burn marks, that is when you know that the outlet needs repaired or replaced.

Is my wiring up-to-date?

It's difficult to always determine the age of the wiring in a home or business as the property owner. We have trained electricians that can do this. Your property should be inspected to determine if your wiring is up-to-date.

Do you wire for new construction?

Our expert licensed electricians are experience in new construction electrical services. It's important to find an electrical company that can pay attention to detail when wiring a building. When it comes to the wiring of your new home or business, it's important that there are not any costly mistakes since most of it is tucked away inside walls, floors and ceilings.

I'm searching for an emergency electrician near me. Are you open 24/7?

Yes! We can help with any electrical emergency at all hours, day or night. Give us a call!

What are all of the electrical servicesyou offer?

Presto Electric has professional local electricians that can handle any electrical needs for residential or commercial properties. Our many services include rewiring remodel and home renovations, new construction electrical wiring and installation, electrical repair services, lighting installation and services, electrical panels and break box and circuit breakers, GFI and GFCI outlets and other outlet and switch installation, and so much more! If it has anything to do with electricity, we can usually handle the job. Contact us today to get a free quote or an inspection!

Contact Presto Electric Today!

Presto Electric knows the struggle of not having functional electricity at a property. When you trust in our Jacksonville, Florida-based company, expect to get quality electrical services in the timeframe that best suits you. We make it a priority to provide amazing customer service and we stand by our high quality work.

Available for both commercial and residential properties, our Jacksonville electrical contractors are the best in the area. Choose us for your project. You will be impressed be our master electricians and our high quality craftsmanship and dependability. Contact us today!

Electrical Emergency Services When You Need It the Most

After looking for the best electrician Jacksonville Fl and finding us, you can count on us to come to your property and provide you with a pricing estimate. If you're available and we have time, the repairs may be made on the spot! To request immediate service, please contact us via email or phone. An additional per hour fee will be added to your estimate for any calls after 8:00 p.m., on weekends, or on holidays.


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