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Got Questions?

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Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspections

Most of our clients who are looking to have an electrical inspection done are those that are looking for a new home. But anyone can take advantage of our affordable electrical inspection services. Below are reasons why you may need an electrical inspection:

  • Purchasing a new home to make sure the electrical system is working properly
  • Purchasing a new business and need to make sure electrical system is working properly
  • You are undergoing renovations and need to ensure that your system can handle the extra electrical updates and electrical rewiring.
  • You are looking to sell you home and want to make sure your electrical system is in good condition
  • You've noticed some odd things happen with your electrical system and need an inspection to pinpoint what may be going on.

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Electrical Inspection Jacksonville Fl

A licensed electrician Jacksonville Fl can perform the correct electrical testing that you will be satisfied with. We provide very thorough electric inspections and check every part of your system.

What To Expect:

The first step is to make an appointment with one of our electrical technicians. When we arrive at your property, we will assess the condition of your system and note any current or potential issues that may be present.

When we are completed with the electrical inspection, we will give you a detailed report that covers what we found and include a quote to any repairs that may be required to bring your electrical system up to code.

We are very accurate with our report and take the time to thoroughly inspect your electrical system so nothing is missed. Without a thorough inspection, it's hard to know what is really going on behind the walls of your home or business.

No matter the reason you need an electrical inspection, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and potentially prevent costly electrical repairs by diagnosing potential problems with the electrical system.

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An electrician came to my home and fixed some circuit breakers that were going bad. Great quality service and very prompt.

Katy M

AMazing Work

Very impressed with the quality of work! Best electricians in town! Thank you!

Jason L


I had some lights flickering in my basement and couldn't figure out the problem. Presto came by and repair the wires at an affordable rate. Great work guys.

Drew S

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