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Electrical Rewiring in Jacksonville

If your property is 50+ or more years old, it's likely that your wiring should be inspected by an experienced electrician. Presto Electric has licensed electricians that can look at your electrical wiring to determine if you have outdated wiring components that need to be updated for safety and efficiency.

Some signs that your home needs rewiring include:

  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses
  • A persistent burning smell, sometimes accompanied by a sizzling sound
  • Charred or discolored outlets and switches
  • Signs of old knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring components

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Electrical Rewiring

Rewiring a home is not something that you should do yourself and should only be done by a licensed electrician Jacksonville Fl. It's important to hire a licensed electrician from Presto Electric that is experienced with rewiring a property so that your home or business is up to code for safety and can handle the electrical needs of our modern lifestyle.

There may be many reasons you need to rewire. The biggest reason to rewire a property is if the wiring is old and outdated and there are lots of electrical repairs that are needed. Outdated wiring is usually unsafe. In this case, your entire electrical system likely needs updated, from new electrical wiring, to new outlets and switches to and an upgraded electrical box with new circuit breakers.

What To Expect:

First, make an appointment with us so that we can come to your property and give you proper recommendations and suggestions and a free quote. Rewiring involves removing as much of the old wiring as possible and installing new wiring that is safer and much more energy efficient.

Once we are at your property, we will ensure the power is off around the specific work area. We will check the amp rating to determine the maximum amount that your current wiring can handle. We will also make sure that the circuit breakers have the correct amp rating for your usage.

As we remove the old wiring, we may need to tear out walls and run new wires behind new drywall. A more affordable solution may be to cut sections of your walls out to get to certain outlets and switches and run the new wiring through the basement, crawlspace, floor joists, or attic. We can also fish new wires through walls to preserve the wall without having to tear it down.

As we replace all of the wiring, we will also update your service capacity as needed by upgrading your electrical panel and circuit breakers. We will then check all of your connections to make sure they are tight to avoid any fire hazard. Then we will check the grounded wires and make sure everything is properly polarized.

Rewiring is typically a once-in-a-generation home expense. But if your home has old wiring, it is a serious safety hazard and you may need frequent inspections until it's replaced and rewired from outdated wiring to new wiring. If you are needing a new construction electrician for brand new wiring, we can help with that as well!

If you are ready to rewire your home, contact Presto Electric today for a free quote!



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I had some lights flickering in my basement and couldn't figure out the problem. Presto came by and repair the wires at an affordable rate. Great work guys.

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